The history of Monton Methodist Church

In 1897, £400 was left to the Eccles Wesleyan Methodist Circuit. Prompted by the expansion of a new residential area around Monton, it was decided that “a brick School and Chapel be erected, at the cost of £900". The total cost was £1119.6s .

The Church finally opened on 27th January 1899, and the School Hall was completed by 1903.

Plans to extend the Church and its facilities further were put on hold when the Great War started in which the Church lost four of its members. During these years the land, which now contains the Manse and the car park, was given over to an allotment and tended by several of the congregation to help the war effort.

The Church bounced back from those difficult years and by 1936 the congregation stood at a respectable 92 members.

On Saturday 5th September 1959, the Rev. Lloyd E. Pocklington announced the union of the Eccles Wesley (previously standing where the M602 runs near the bridge to Eccles) and Monton churches. The first service was held the next day and on that Sunday afternoon over 100 children walked in procession from Eccles to Monton to join the Sunday Schools.
All was achieved with great success.

Monton Church was moving forward once again with new extensions.
The Rev. Gilbert Hall caught the mood of the times:

“I have been asking myself the question, “Why did we build the new extension to the schoolroom?” My answer has been, ”Because the work of God here at Monton is in progress and is developing and expanding”.

During the 60’s the Church continued to grow. A Sunday bus service was laid on for those members living in the Eccles Old Road, Ellesmere Park and Lancaster Road Areas. It became so popular that a double decker bus was needed to carry the number of people wanting to attend the church, averaging 50 – 60 people each Sunday.

Membership of the church has been maintained at between 90 and 120 since 1984.  In 1987 and  1990, the Church held joint Missions with the neighbouring St. Paul's Church of England, with whom we continue to enjoy warm relations.  More recently it has welcomed members from the former Eccles (Immanuel) Methodist Church, Worsley Road Methodist Church and Manchester Road Methodist Church following their closures.

Monton Methodist Church is still a vibrant part of the community as it always has been. Please browse through the rest of the site to see what we do these days!