About Monton Methodist Church

Anyone visiting our church will quickly see that although the church itself is over 100 years old, our constant desire to adapt to the needs of the modern world

These include access for disabled users, a Loop system for the hard of hearing, and large hymn books for visually impaired visitors. We record our morning services for those unable to attend.

However, buildings are only one element of the church. The comment most often made by new visitors is ‘how welcoming and friendly everyone is’. This reflects the heart of the church; we want everyone who comes to Monton to feel welcome.

A quick look at our Activities page will show you the buildings are used every day. This is a reflection of the energy and outward looking approach here at Monton. We believe the church is for the community, we welcome everyone regardless of age, background, or disability.

Our main hall is used for Junior Church, Uniformed Groups, Toddler Groups and Dance Classes. There are two meeting rooms which are used for anything from Bible Study, Youth Club dancing, to Crafts. Our fully fitted kitchen provides anything from Coffee on Sunday mornings, to a full Hot Pot for a Harvest Supper.

Sunday services are central to our church life. The morning service incorporates our youngsters at the start, and may include a song from them before they go off to their own groups. Our evening service may be quieter and include an item from the choir. The aim in all is to challenge, encourage and help everyone, live the Christian life.

Come along and see us this Sunday at 10.45 am or 6.30 pm.